Listening In and Letting Go~

When we are open, what we need comes to us.

 It's easy to think we always have to work hard to find the answers to all of our questions, or to understand the lessons life wants to teach us, or to figure out the next step in our life's journey, but I don't think that is necessarily true. What I mean is that I think the answers we are in search of, the lessons, the next step, or the direction we keep searching for shows up and becomes clear when we are ready and open to receiving what is next. And I can hear my higher self saying, "And not a minute sooner!" I think most of us are used to working hard at figuring out what's next. And for most us on that constant quest to figure things out, whatever we are after doesn't seem to come fast enough. I'm no different, but I do think my patience and faith in the unfolding of my life has improved.

Here's a good example: As I was reading through this great book I got recently by Colleen Saidman Yee called "Yoga for Life," I had several moments where I realized that the main teachings of the practice have become an integrated part of my life and some of the teachings that I also share with my students. In the book Colleen writes, "Yoga tells us that it's more useful to practice swaha, the idea of which is to do the best you can, and let go of the rest. Tibetan Buddhists often translate swaha as "so be it." I often tell my students, especially the new ones, to just do their best and let go of the rest, I often tell my students this because I want them to realize that you can only do what you can do right now. And I want them to be okay with that and to let the learning happen over time. Understanding the poses and making the practice a part of your life doesn't happen right away, and yet every time we step on our mats, something is happening even when it's not noticeable.

I think a lot of us think that if we read the right books, study ancient scriptures, practice daily, claim a Guru, go to India, become Vegan, all of the above, or anything else you can think of, then we will be deemed good enough, understand life, and will have the answers to what next. But that's not true.

I'm not saying that good things can't happen or won't happen if you decide to do any of the things I've just listed above. Good things happen all the time in the most random of situations. And I'm sure you can think of an example from your own life recently. What I am saying is that just because we go to India or read an ancient text does not guarantee understanding or answers, experience or wisdom that can only be gained from living life itself.

And even as I am writing that all the seeking and doing in the world will not necessarily yield the answers or direction we are in search of, what we need is coming to us all the time. It sounds like this makes no sense at all, but it does. We get what we need when we are ready and when the time is right, or ripe for integration and use.

It's kind of like channeling while writing, or hearing the voice of your higher self while writing. If you try too hard to hear the voice of your guiding ones, or higher self, you'll miss it. To grasp is to chase it away. It's really just about softening and listening lightly but deeply to what rises up into your field of awareness. The teachings, the answers, the direction we need, or whatever it is we are wanting to attain arises in the very same way, lightly and when we least expect it.  It's all really just about letting life happen.

Let what you need come to you. It's already there, or at least it's on it's way. And in the meantime, do whatever works to help you maintain that deep inner connection and to keep the channels clear, whether that's writing or walking meditation, art or baking, star gazing or sun bathing. Learn to let go a little, soften and listen in. If you are paying attention, you will get it. You will get what you need when you are ready, and not a minute sooner. ; )

Stay Open,


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