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Born Yogis~

It's one of those rare, beautiful grey mornings here in Tucson where the smell of rain lingers in the air and there is a hint of coolness on the breeze.  It feels fresh and clean outside.  The house is quiet with Lila sleeping and Jason off to work and Liam at school.  I've got some dishes in the sink to clean, some laundry to fold and a bed to make, but I don't feel like doing all that right now.  I want to write.  I want to sit and enjoy the sound of my fingers tapping on the key board.

I've got a lot on my mind lately.  I feel a creative surge of sorts coming on and a need to express myself in some way. I'll start with writing first.  I have had some great insights lately about several things. I'll share one. The other day while I was waiting for students to arrive,  I was looking around at all the books and such at YO's central studio.  I had this realization that even as I appreciate the vast world that is yoga with it's philosophy and history, s…