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A Little of this and that~

Since my last post, Lila has been to the dentist and had two teeth pulled and 5 teeth filled with resin.  She is doing great and does not seem bothered in the least.  The first few hours home were the hardest as her mouth was numb, which was a completely new sensation, and she was feeling a bit out of it on the drugs.  I think the hardest part of the day was signing the waiver for the anesthesiologist stating at the very end that "death" was a possible side effect. That part of the waiver definitely gave me pause.  Lila did really, really well as we had prepared for all of it.  I was prepared for the first part of the meet with the anesthesiologist but not for the rest of it.

I did not like seeing her go under, and I had the most intense energetic experience.  As they gave Lila her shot and she began to feel the full effect of the drugs. I swear I felt like I had been given a shot  of drugs too.  It was like the energy of what she was feeling went straight into and through …