Good Times~

Happy New Beginning~

The turn of the wheel has already occurred, and here we are at the start of a new year.  The end of 2013 went out with a Bang!  Or, you could say, that 2014 started with a Bang!  You decide.

All is well in my world despite our car breaking down the last week of 2013 on our way out to Telluride, Colorado. Just as we were turning into a gas station in Newcomb, NM, the steering in the car went out along with everything else.  As we pulled in and parked and lifted the hood, the damage was revealed. The engine was smoking hot and things looked pretty bad.  Well, what happened was that the water pump went out, the drive belt was knocked off and everything else went wrong from there.

Now, despite how this all sounds, we are doing well.  I think at first, we were just shocked by the whole incident.  Don't get me wrong, it sucks that this happened at all, but it is all turning out just fine.  Thankfully, Jason, Liam, Lila and I were not alone out in the middle of nowhere with 60 miles to the nearest town in either direction.  We were traveling in a group with Jason's mom, dad, his brother Justin and his family. We had help. And they helped with everything, and I cannot express how truly grateful I am for such help.  All I could think about was how fortunate we are. Add to that my unwavering Faith in the knowledge that it would all work out, and it really has made it possible to hang in there. I only cried a little once in the grocery store when we found out that the engine was ruined.  So yes, the trip out to Telluride was full of adventure and waiting and lots of little changes to our plans.  Isn't that always how it goes?

I find it amusing how I envision trips away from home with kids and a lot of family (think a group of 14 together in one house) as being rejuvenating and relaxing.  Ha!  That could not be further from the truth!  Fantasy versus Reality.  Reality wins every time.  This is not to say that the trip was bad, only that it was different than I imagined it would be.  No surprise there.

So, to make a long story much shorter, we got the Element home and into the repair shop.  The mechanic called three days ago to tell us that the entire engine needed to be replaced.  Awesome.  He found a newer, used one and has been working on our vehicle ever since.  We have been home a lot.  I am ready to have our car back and get out and about a bit.  That said,  I  do think all the time at home this week has been beneficial.  I think we all needed to regroup after our trip and that's what we've been doing all week.  It just goes to show that what we need comes to us when we need it most and more often than not, it comes in the most unexpected fashion and form.

On another note, completely unrelated to the above topic,  I want to share that I am beginning the year by stretching myself a bit in my teaching.  I will be teaching a 4-week series of Restorative Yoga at Yoga Oasis Central and another 3 Yoga and Writing workshops called "The Sunday Sessions".  I will include the information at the end.  Please join me for the healing and fun.

I guess this about sums things up for now.  Sending Big Blessings and Joyful Wishes out to all.  May 2014 be a remarkable year.

Click on the links below to find out more about the Restorative Yoga series and the Yoga and Writing gatherings.  The restorative series begins on February 1.  Please come and tend to your vital needs.

Yoga Oasis: Article

Yoga Oasis: Article

Take great care,

Oh!  A couple of pictures from our sleigh ride together with Rowdy!  Good fun!


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