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"Gentle is the New Advanced"

"Gentle is the New Advanced."

Yes!  Yes, it is!  I just finished watching a video that a wonderful friend of mine just posted on my Face Book page. And it feels like a window of understanding just opened for me.  In this short video, which I will include at the bottom of this post, this fellow yogi articulated what it is I have been trying to understand and convey through a couple great phrases and a phenomenal, connected practice.  All of the sudden,  I understand what it is my soul has been trying to tell me, and I feel such an ache of joy and an intense feeling of relief.  Really, truly,  I can't stop crying.  The tears just keep flowing and falling and, honestly,  it feels good.  It feels like "Ah,  finally!"

"Slower is Stronger."

For a while now,  I have felt an immense conflict within me and where it is that my yoga practice, path, and teaching seem to be taking me because it is so different and far apart from what I am currently surrounded by…