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A New Normal~

It's Friday afternoon and quiet for a moment.  I rarely have time these days to sit down and write or do much for myself for that matter.  I think I forgot that you don't have time to get much done with a newborn.  We spend most of our days at home, in doors at the moment.  I do try to go on a quick  30 to 40 minute walk with the dog and get a shower in before Jason leaves for work most mornings and that helps put me in a better head space. Sometimes the days seem long and go slow and at other times they seem to go fast. The days are full of nursing Lila, playing with her and then getting her back to sleep. In between here short naps, I get Liam and myself something to eat and we play while we can, and then I try to wash the dishes or get some laundry done.  There never seems to be enough time for anything.  I simply do what I can.

The good news is that Lila is awake for longer periods of about an hour before she is ready to sleep again.  She is smiling and trying to talk and…