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Ready, Set, Rest~

In the year 2011, the Anusara community that I had been a part of for more than a decade crumbled and fell apart. Like so many others in the Anusara community, I felt like I'd been left in the middle of nowhere with one question hanging over my head: What next? Eventually I resigned my Anusara-inspired title and distanced myself from whatever "community" was left. 
Since the Anusara fall apart, I purposely chose not to make a choice as far as teachers or styles of yoga go. I purposely chose to just step back and work at stepping in, listening more intently to my own inner guidance, and just practicing letting the teachings that needed to be shared to come to and through me. I knew I had learned enough and had enough teaching experience to continue to teach minus the Anusara-inspired title. So that is what I did, I continued to teach and find my own way forward.
For a good chunk of time, I just kept teaching but didn't really know what to do with myself or who I wanted …