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A Big Let Go~

A BIG let go~

 I let go of my Anusara-inspired status and of further pursuing certification.  I haven't written a formal letter to Anusara to share my decision and don't know that I need to.  I simply chose not to pay my annual dues.  I have thought about calling and paying every day for the last two weeks so that I could buy myself a year of wait-and-see what becomes of Anusara.  However, every time I would tell myself I needed to call and pay, something in me would just stop.  I just couldn't find the motivation to pay.  I guess I am not compelled or convinced of anything as far as Anusara goes.  I don't mean this in a negative or critical way.  It simply comes down to how I feel on the inside. As I would ask and sit with the question of " should I stay?" or "should I go?", the answer I get is, "let go".  

Things just feel so different to me and, well,  they are.  The way I see it is that a change is a change no matter how you present it. …

May Manifesto~

I am a mother, a writer, a teacher and a firm believer in listening to and following your heart. I truly believe that each and every one of us has something unique and valuable to offer the world.  Our work here is to discover our gifts and make use of them for the greater good of all.  I believe my children are my greatest teachers.  Through their eyes, I see the beauty and wonder of the world, and I find within me the desire to do better and the capacity to love better.  I believe that life is a grand adventure, a great teacher, and a gift.  I wake each and every day with a want in my heart to do good in the world.  I am a healer.  I am a giver.  I am here to make myself and the world over for the better. I believe that this is a powerful time of awakening and change.  This is the time to know and reveal our gifts and to give out as much of ourselves as we can to each other.  It is a time of creation, manifestation, joy and wonder.  Bare yourself and  be vulnerable.  Be willing to l…