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One year with Lila~

Here it is,  11 in the evening and I really do mean to be sleeping. Every one else is asleep and the house is quiet.  These moments to me are precious, though.  Even with what little sleep I've had lately,  I have to make time to sit with myself, or I simply don't feel right and it is hard for me to function.  Besides,  I have too much on my mind to sleep.  That said, I will keep this short and write more over the coming days.  
Today is June 8, 2012.  My daughter, Lila, was born one year ago today.  The picture above is how our first meeting began.  It was a rough, unexpected beginning to say the least.  Of course, that makes my very peaceful pregnancy that much sweeter.  Lila told me a lot about herself while in utero. She shared with me her lighthearted essence and her love of nature.  She wiggled and moved and swam around in her watery world constantly, which gave me some clue as to her active, energetic way.  And she showed us how strong and independent she is as soon as…