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Life Currently~


Today marks 10 days that we have been back in Tucson, but it feels like the entire move from Flagstaff to Tucson took months. So we have been in that strange in-between place for a while now. That said, it does feel good to have finally landed. We are still unpacking and setting up house here so the settling in has been slow.

Moving is always so much more work than I anticipate or remember! It's probably a good thing that I forget, or I would never move. I kind of feel like we have hit that place of never wanting to move again. But, of course, never is a long time.

I do really like our new house and the area that it is in. It feels spacious and is tucked away in mid town. We have open desert across the street, a great little park for the kids, the Rillito walking path out our door, and we are close to all the things and places we like to go to. It's not Shultz Pass area awesome but pretty great for here.

We are certainly missing things about Flagstaff. We miss our friends, C…