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Love. Yes, love is on my mind. Not in the romantic sense of the word but in all that the word encompasses. Love of Self, for others, of life, love that leads to understanding, love that leads to compassion, and love in the deepest, divine sense. Here is why LOVE is on my mind. A week or so ago I was having a rough go of things and feeling pretty low, tired, worn out, and a bit blue. Well, I shared that feeling as my post on Facebook one evening. I was surprised by the comments and grateful for the suggestions and love left on my personal page. There was on particular comment that stood out and seemed to jump off the screen, though. The comment read: Love. That was it. Christina, one of my teachers, typed that word for me to read and it definitely rang true. In that moment, I was feeling a lack of love, a lack of love for myself and certain aspects of my life. I read that and marveled at the idea that one word could hold so much meaning and say so much to me in the mo…


I am feeling pretty tired this morning. Liam is sick again and having a hard time. He is not sleeping well but better than anticipated. And we are spending a lot of time at home, which gets old after a while. Poor little guy. He was just sick less than a month ago for two weeks. It is a little frustrating because I just want him to feel good. This is why I don't really care to take him to the mall park or certain spots because, more often than not, some parent's think it's okay to bring their sick kids to these places. Even with the obvious signs of sickness, like snot all over the child's face, these little ones are let loose to play and slime the place with gooey germs. Yuck! Just keep the kid home and let them get better because I really think the mall or wherever can wait. Just wanted to share that and glad I did. I feel better. Note to self (and Jason): When sick kids are in sight and on the playground, turn around and take Liam somewhere else! W…

Real Simple

A few months back I entered an essay contest in Real Simple magazine. The topic of the essay was on the moment you realized you were a grown up. The prize for winning said essay contest is pretty sweet. The essay winner will receive 3 thousand dollars, two round-trip airline tickets to New York, tickets to a broadway show, lunch with the magazine editors, and the essay will be printed in the April edition of the magazine. I wish I could share with you that my essay was chosen but it wasn't. Even still, I am glad I entered and made an effort. I will try again. Anyway, here is the essay I submitted. I have done some editing on this version and am aware it needs more but am done for now. Congratulations to the winner!Enjoy,MarciaA Life In Progress “We do not grow absolutely, chronologically. We grow sometimes in one dimension, and not in another; unevenly. We grow partially. We are relative. We are mature in one realm, childish in another. The past, present, and future mingl…

Awake and Dreaming

* Artist~ Kelly Rae Roberts*"Our truest life is when we are in our dreams Awake." (~Thoreau) Happy New Year! We are four days into a new year, a new decade. I feel I am at the beginning again as it seems I've been away for a while. The first few days I felt a bit off, a little flat. Must have been the full moon or the underlying expectation of the first day of the new year needing to feel different somehow. I am currently rolling with the days and am experiencing more connection. I definitely notice my mood drops and the emotional waves rise up when I don't take enough time for myself to be alone. Writing in a journal always helps me make that deep connection I crave as does sitting in silence. I am making time to attend more classes, which certainly aids in uplifting and aligning my soul. Things are good. Jason and I took some time to do this writing exercise I got from a book I received for Christmas titled, "Life Lessons~ Mastering the Law of Attracti…