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A Blink of an Eye

"It's true time flies faster than a blink of an eye"
As usual, it is late, and here I am coming to the page. I can't help myself.  It's quiet in the house at the moment with everyone else asleep.  Even the dog and cat are asleep.  I will just give myself over to the tired that I will surely feel tomorrow as my need to connect to myself and my desire to write are winning out over an extra hour of sleep.

It's been a hard few weeks.  I have been feeling really overwhelmed  and lacking on so many levels.  I don't know if all that I have been through since Lila's birth has finally caught up to me or if this is just part of life with a newborn.  The changes have been big for us and more change is on the horizon.  I swear I think I write that every month.  I suppose I should just get used to the fact that change is ever present and ongoing.  I guess the timing for more change couldn't be better with the arrival of fall and all, which doesn't feel lik…