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Learning and Loving

"Life is the school.  Love is the lesson."

I don't know who's words these are, but I discovered them on a bumper sticker.  I now have this bumper sticker on our element.  Every time I go to get in the Element,  I read them and nod my head and say, "Yup, that's right."  Really, this is all I need to know and remember.   
Life is full of opportunities to learn and grow.  And everyday offers me something new to take in or contemplate. My life may not be very exciting, but I can assure you that it is never boring.  Redundant maybe, but never boring. In fact, this week was full of a fair amount of chaos in the form of emotions and wild thoughts, and mini meltdowns,  and some sleep deprivation. Indeed, this week has been a rough one, though today has been great.  I am thankful for a full night of rest and a peaceful smooth morning.  Maybe we all know it's Friday.  I don't know what that means really, other than, a break from the "have tos" .