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Almost Spring~

Greetings and Salutations!  Let me begin again...

For the first time in several months, I have my computer in my lap and am able to tap on the keys in the quiet stillness of the house.  Liam is at school and Lila is napping. Anyway, my computer has had some issues, and it is finally fixed  because I can use it again. I am even more thrilled that it was an easy fix and did not require I buy a whole new laptop.  This computer will due just fine for now.   It feels great to have my feet up on the couch and to have a little time to write.  This is precious, quiet time. May I enjoy every minute of it!

I've been sick over the past week and have had laryngitis along with my cold.  It's been a while since I've been sick like this.  I taught on Sunday and really should have stayed home.  It went alright despite all the unexpected things that came up.  It was a day of teaching I won't soon forget.  Anyway,  I decided to take last night off from teaching due to the fact that my voi…