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An Evening Walk

I love evening walks when the sun has set and the world begins to quiet down.  It's a peaceful time.  My walk was like that tonight.  I was strolling through the neighborhood with my dog, Parker, with all my senses engaged.  The sky was colored in light hues of peach and blue.  The dark outline of the mountains in the distance and the silhouettes of saguaros, ocotillos, and agaves all around.  I could hear the hum of air conditioners and dogs barking as we walked from one block to the next.   I could feel the heat of the day on my skin and the hot, dusty air begin to dissipate  and  settle.  All the houses looked different in the changing light from day to night.  It was almost as if the the edges of the houses softened and the glow from within revealed the personality of the place and it's people.   It's a tasty moment when you can drink the world in.  I love that my practice has helped me to cultivate an awareness and appreciation for the aliveness in everything.  I love …