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Loosening the Grip

I got up this morning and it was so quiet and the house felt so empty. It was just me and the dog and the cat curled in bed. Jason and the kids left for Flagstaff around 4:30 yesterday afternoon. They spent the night Flagstaff and were up and on their way to Colorado early this morning, so it's just me and the pets.

I decided not to go with them as I am scheduled to teach a Restorative yoga and Acupuncture Restshop with Maryann this coming weekend and there are things I want to do and get done while Jason and the kids are away for a few days. But today, I am tired and slow and not feeling like doing much of anything. I did manage to get up and go walking with the dog as I usually do each morning and I've showered.  Other than that, I'm not feeling very motivated. And oddly enough, I miss my husband and kids. And even though I miss my little family, I am grateful for a moment to rest and decompress,  and to not have to do anything for anyone right now.

 So it looks like t…