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A Sense of Center~

Over the past weekend I had the great pleasure of attending a class with Christina Sell.  It has a been a long time since I’ve been to a group class, so it felt really good to go and just be a student. And it felt really good to do some focused work, which Christina is so gifted at teaching and creating space for. And though it would be easy to assume that I only like  a passive or gentle practice, since I practice alone a lot and I only teach intro, basics and restorative classes, but that’s simply not the case. I actually really love to work and love having long periods where I have to focus on what I am feeling as I move through a practice just as much as I love doing nothing (like in Restorative Yoga). I love both an active and passive practice and feel that both are necessary for balanced well being. At least they are for me. 
Anyway, when I first arrived at YogaOasis on Saturday for the class, I felt really overwhelmed by how packed the room was and how busy the studio was.  I kn…