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Life, over the past couple of months, has been a lot like muddy water settling and, little by little, clearing.  It's almost like the moments when there is time to settle and be with the quiet that I get some small insight or understanding.  And those little flashes have been so helpful as they are directing me forward when I have felt very stuck.

I think for the first 6 months in Flagstaff, everything felt really hard and overwhelming in every possible way.  And because of all the intensity and overwhelm,  I was feeling zapped of any inspiration, direction or clarity as to what to do next and how to get the needed things done. This last month, month 7, I have felt a noticeable shift in the intensity.  I do feel the intensity easing up in most areas and am relieved.  I think as I get little hits of understanding like letting go of expectations, learning to let life here take shape, and trusting that things will shift and feel better in due time, is helping.

As far as teaching goe…