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To love life is a choice and an adventure. Some days are easier to love than others and the same is true with moments and stretches of time.  But then I think to myself, nothing in life is perfect or flawless, not even in nature. And the imperfection of things, the rough rocky ground or the winding road are what make this life, this world so fascinating and interesting.

I realized recently, as I caught myself trying to hard to understand the rough moments, that I have been caught up in this story of trouble and struggle for far too long.  I realized that the story I have been telling and sharing is true and honest, but I am tired of this tale of difficulty and lack and frustration.

I wan to write a new story.  I want to live into better moments even with all the imperfections and ups and downs.  I recently came across this quote: "Don't wait for things to get simpler, better, or easier. Life will always be complicated. Learn to be happy right now. Otherwise, you'll run out …