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"Wisdom tells me I am nothing. Love tells me I am everything. Between the two my life flows."
(Nisargadatta Marahaji)

February 1, 2017

A whole new year has begun since the last time I sat down to write. And since my last post, a lot has happened in my personal life and in the world around me. The end of 2016 went out hard and the new year began in much the same way with me getting a strange virus and getting really sick.

My family and I went camping on a small organic farm outside of Tombstone in the hopes of ending out the year in a quiet, peaceful way. Of course, life had other plans. We had a good time on our trip, minus the fact that I was exhausted and did not sleep well and then got sick.  Once the virus hit, it hit hard attacking my liver and nervous system and was painful. Thankfully, though, no one else in my family got sick.  It took a good 2 weeks to recover and, really, I still feel a bit turned around and behind from it.  That said, I am feeling pretty good now,…