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Living Out Loud~

Yesterday was the first day that I felt a real excitement come over me about the upcoming move.  Of course, feeling this joy and anticipation is just another sign that we are choosing the right way for us. In fact, as I was trying to recall the last time I actually felt excited about moving, I realized it was when I was 24 and moving to Flagstaff.  How about that?! I vividly remember the moment that I decided that Flagstaff was where I wanted to be. 

I had been living in Phoenix at the time with my sister and her boyfriend.  I had only been staying with them for the past 3 months as I had just moved back from Okinawa, Japan.  I was adjusting to the states after spending a year in Japan.  Anyway,  I had gone up to Flag to visit a couple of friends and had a great time.  I was just leaving town and heading back down the hill.  And as I was driving past the pines toward Sedona, the sun was setting on the right and the bright, full moon was rising on the left.  And just as I was taking in …