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Finding a Peaceful Way~

It's been a rough stretch of time for me and my family. My son Liam has been having a lot of trouble with school. He hates it, and is having a lot of anxiety around school. He often refuses to go and has a lot of trouble staying all day.

When we do get him there, his teachers and other staff say that he seems happy and does well. Liam participates in class, plays with his friends at recess and gets on with the day, which, of course, is confusing because he says he hates it so much. He is incredibly smart and gets good grades with little effort. Meaning, he is not having trouble academically. That said, he is now falling a bit behind with his work as he has missed so many days, and I have had to pull him out early nearly everyday just so I can get him to go. I have even spent a good week or more attending school with Liam just to get him through the school doors in an attempt to get into a rhythm.  It's been very trying to say the least and has thrown the whole family off.