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The past few weeks have been full of memorable moments, beginnings and endings, intensity and tranquility, and a coming back together of sorts.

On Tuesday, May 21, Liam graduated from Kindergarten and was promoted to first grade.  He shared with me a couple of times over the last week of school how excited he was about graduating and becoming a first grader.  It made me smile with a simple joy at his growth and ease in moving on, and moving forward.  All the K kids wore a paper cap with tassel, received a diploma of sorts, walked across the stage, took a bow, shook hands and went back to stand on the risers.  Liam looked like he'd done his walk across the stage and bow before. What a bow he made.  What a pro!   It was a proud moment for sure full of songs and giggles, family and cake.

Liam and Dustin~ So cute!

That same week, May 23rd to be exact, Jason and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary.  Of course,  I took time to look over our wedding photos and felt a mas…

Big and Wide Open~

Photo Credit: Mathew Dols
I'm listening to Ben Howard and feeling quite nostalgic.  My head is still a bit clogged and foggy from being sick, which may have something to do with the state I am in. But truthfully, it feels more like old stuff that's coming up and moving out.   Either way, I feel inspired to write and let this inner desire for understanding and expression take place.

I really can't help but marvel at the way time passes,  along with people and places and moments that seem to live forever.  There are certain moments and times in life that shape so much of who we are, what we become along the way, and the way in which we find our way into our self.

For me, there have been many wonderful people, places and moments that have shaped me into the person I am now.  I am not just speaking of the big and obvious things like marriage and having children.  You see,  I grew up an army brat and moved around a lot. I moved from state to state, across the sea, and into foreig…