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I've been pretty quite on here as of late as we were busy with the end of summer travel and all the work leading up to beginning a new homeschool year.  Instead of going with Jason and the kids to Colorado to visit for a week with family, I decided to stay back and prepare for the Restorative Yoga and Acupuncture Restshop my friend Maryann and I were offering. And I also wanted to have time for myself to regroup some and get organized for homeschool.

Though I would like to say that all my hard work preparing for our new homeschool 'year' has paid off, I'm not sure that I can.  I can say that it helped in regard to feeling ready to teach the kids yoga and mindfulness class with the CREDO Homeschoolers Co-Op.  As far as school at home with my kids, we are still trying to find what works and it has not been easy.  There have been some decent days in there, but most days feel like they drag and the kids have not been eager to participate or cooperate in their own learning.…