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The Year of Tens~

This year marks the year of tens.  On March 16th I turned 40, thus ending one decade and beginning a new one.  In May, May 2nd to be exact, I celebrate my 10th year teaching yoga.  And, this year also marks 10 years ago that Jason and I moved away from Flagstaff.

Which brings me to my point, which is that this seems to be a full-circle moment or time in my life.  It very much feels like I am at a starting point, that the turn of the wheel is complete and now begins a whole new phase of living and learning.

At the beginning of March,  my husband resigned his position with CTS, the company he's been a part of and working for over the past 11 years.  He was just ready to move on and out into the world more.  And so we agreed that it was worth the leap.  In the midst of that change, we decided to make another change, as we figured there is no reason to hold back or wait for what we know we want.

So here's a little back story...

Last summer we went to Flagstaff for a few days for fun …

I Write~

I Write~
I write my heart out to know, to clear the clutter, to be bare  and honest and real about the way I feel.
I write my heart out  so that I can find my way forward and through.
I don't care anymore  if it is proper  or clear to anyone but me.
I don't write for another person's approval or fancy. I write for my own delight.
I write to free myself  from fear or judgement or feeling confined and confused.
I write to think.
And even as my hand drags this pen across the page, I write for stillness, to make space on the inside to dream, to understand, to realign my insides.
And in the movement, there is a space of quiet, a moment to slow things down.  A moment to slow the ticking of the clock down, to hold this time and this place for a moment longer. 
I write my heart out because it works. And I am never more honest than when I come to the page.
And though I mostly work with black ink and a white page, there is color and texture, light and shadow richness and radical edges that brings this art together, and sews…

Somewhere in the middle...

I had to go back and read my last entry to find out where I left off and to see how long it had been since my last entry.  I'm  still in it.  Life is a whirling blur and so much seems to be shifting and changing in our lives, and I swear nearly every blog entry starts that way.  I'm staying true to the trend. 

Since my last entry,  I taught a 4-week restorative yoga series, 3 yoga and writing sessions, I turned 40, and my husband resigned from his job of the last 11 years. It's been an interesting time.  It kinda feels like we are floating in space, not really anchored to anything but not lost in some black hole either.  


I have really enjoyed branching out with my teaching and trying new things.  The restorative series went really well and had an amazing turn out.  So many of the students shared with me how much they loved it and how good they felt, and how well they slept.  Many were surprised at the potency of such a practice.  Most of the folks who attended this…