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What's my job as a Teacher?

Not that long ago I listened to an interview with Judith Lasater about whether or not it was the teachers job to challenge the student.  Her reply went something like this:
Well, first of all I think it's important to get clear on what we mean by "challenge".  Taking one breath with awareness can be a challenge.  And she went on to say that it was important to talk about challenge and the concept of mutuality.  
And this is the part that really stuck out to me and truly resonated with me.  
She said, "It's not me challenging you.  It's me inviting you to challenge yourself in an intelligent, cadenced way. In a gently questioning way.  Don't push past your limit-- find where it is and respectfully step back from it a bit.  It means inviting the student to explore their own freedom and growth, in their own time and way."  
In other words,  it's the students responsibility to challenge themselves and grow their own practice.  It's the students…