A Little of this and that~

Since my last post, Lila has been to the dentist and had two teeth pulled and 5 teeth filled with resin.  She is doing great and does not seem bothered in the least.  The first few hours home were the hardest as her mouth was numb, which was a completely new sensation, and she was feeling a bit out of it on the drugs.  I think the hardest part of the day was signing the waiver for the anesthesiologist stating at the very end that "death" was a possible side effect. That part of the waiver definitely gave me pause.  Lila did really, really well as we had prepared for all of it.  I was prepared for the first part of the meet with the anesthesiologist but not for the rest of it.

I did not like seeing her go under, and I had the most intense energetic experience.  As they gave Lila her shot and she began to feel the full effect of the drugs. I swear I felt like I had been given a shot  of drugs too.  It was like the energy of what she was feeling went straight into and through me.  As I handed her over, which I felt very reluctant to do, I had to take a few minutes to get my bearings.  At first I just felt stunned and confused by what had just happened. A few tears fell as I sat quietly in the waiting room while they worked on her.  I went to the bathroom and pulled myself together then returned to my seat to flip through some magazines.  I read nothing. I just looked at pictures in a half dazed state. Thankfully, the time passed by pretty quickly and it wasn't long before the work was done and they called us back in to see her.  What a relief it was to see her sweet little face and to hold her.  

The ride home was rough as were the first couple of hours home.  The poor girl was so hungry and she had to wait for the numbness in her mouth to go away before she could eat anything and she just wanted to get down and move around.  I had to hold her still though because she was so wobbly and out of it. As soon as the numbness wore off and she could eat some smoothie, Lila really started to perk up and feel better.  It wasn't but a few hours before she was back to her regular ol' singing, dancing, running self.  Lila was walking around saying, "I better.  I not wobbly no more mom."  She's a smart one and so funny too!

That's the thing about kids, they really don't let much get them down or hold them back.  They just don't get hung up on things.  They have a great ability to take in what's going on right in front of them and let go of the rest.  I guess they unlearn that as they grow from watching us.  I appreciate how resilient my kids, and kids in general, are.  Watch and learn is the phrase that comes to mind.

The day before Lila's visit to the dentist we celebrated Liam's 7th Birthday!  We had a party for him at our house, our first ever,  over the weekend with his friends and family.  He had a great time and a lot of his friends were able to attend.  It was a lot of work to get everything together for the party, and it was a little overwhelming to have some many people over at our house.  That said,  we had a great time.  Then, the day of Liam's actual birthday, October 2, we had my parents over for dinner and cake. Needless to say, it's been a busy time, and I am still recovering. In due time, in due time...

There is more going on than this but this is all I've got for tonight.  It's just an update of sorts.  A little of this and that.  Everything else is just going as usual.  I'm still just teaching my 3 classes a week, trying to keep up at home,  caring for my family and doing my best to care for myself and maintain some sort of balance.  Admittedly,  I am feeling a little off.  It goes that way sometimes I suppose.  As things settle after such a busy time and Liam gets a week off of school, I am sure a new rhythm will be established.

Until next time, enjoy the cooler temperatures and the sweet change the fall season brings.

Fall Blessings,

Enjoy the pictures!


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