The last few days~

I am 39 weeks and at the end of my pregnancy.  It's been pretty quiet this last week.  I taught my last class until August 2 last Thursday and am just staying close to home.  Mostly, I've spent my time doing the last bit of preparing before this baby arrives and resting in between.

Everyday, I feel little changes in my body as it prepares for labor.  I feel highs and lows in my energy as one day I feel the desire to do a lot and the next, I feel like doing nothing at all.  It's strange not to be headed off to class to teach but am enjoying a little break before it gets really busy.  I can't complain.  I miss seeing people at the studio but they are always close at heart, and I will be back at it in no time.

I am now at that point where I feel ready to meet this little one.  I have enjoyed this pregnancy and think this is just such an amazing experience.  And even though I have been pregnant before and loved being pregnant with Liam, this time around is still unique and, in many ways, feels new.

At this time, I am just waiting and making sure I enjoy these last few days of ripeness, enjoying these last moments of feeling this little girl wiggle and move around on the inside, and savoring the sweetness of sharing the same space, the same body with this little one.

It's an interesting place to be, sitting on the edge of life as I know it; anticipating the changes to come.  My life, the life of my family is about to shift in ways we cannot even fathom yet.  The structure of our family will be different in a matter of days, and we will have much to learn in the days to come.  How will we manage our time with two little ones?  How will we manage our energy and keep a good attitude and a buoyant spirit when we feel heavy with the tired.  We just will. Just like we did with Liam, we will figure it out as we go.  Besides, parenting is a jump-in-and-swim sort of thing.  It's a learn on the job affair with moments of humor and exhaustion thrown in and a whole lot of moments of wonder.  Seeing life through the eyes of a new soul is a gift.  Life becomes new for us too even with all there is to do.

Soon, I will be in it and living a life that is new in some ways and familiar in other ways.  I am looking forward to embracing what life is bringing us and to meeting this baby girl.

Patiently Waiting...



  1. Oh Marcia!
    It is such an amazing, sometimes overwhelming, but beautiful place where you are.
    I am glad that you seem so well! It seems like you are just riding the waves that you must to bring this new life here to join your family.

    It's funny, you spend so long waiting and wondering how things will change with the new addition and within a week or so you literally won't be able to remember what life was like without her! : )
    I'm excited for you to feel your heart explode again for your child and be amazed like I was, at what a huge capacity for love we all have.
    I am thinking of you often even though I am far away, you are in my heart! : )
    ♥♥♥Blessings to you, sweet friend!♥♥♥
    (oh, and I am having a heck of a time posting this from me, so I'm going to try anonymous & this is Ruth!♥ )


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