The Light in the Dark~

The dark night is giving way to the light this morning.  And for such an intense time, the sunrise this morning is so soft and colorful.  I am grateful to be up to witness the beauty and quiet of the morning.  It's amazing how nature can soften my gaze and help my heart stay focused on the good.  

It's been a wild ride this year and there is a lot on my mind.  That being said,  I am hanging in there.  I have definitely felt the pull of the full moon, the powerful lunar eclipse, the craziness of Mercury retrograde and the sweetness of the winter solstice.  It's a strange brew but that is just it,  things are brewing and I feel it.  Change is on the horizon.  

Even though this has been a tough time for many, myself and family included,  we have all made it this far.   There is hope.  The good news is that the fall downward always gives way to the rise upward.  

For the last few weeks,  I have been thinking a lot about this year and how important it is for me to get clear on my sankalpa, intention, for the new year.  Because before I can plant the seeds of intention in the deep, dark of my heart, I need to contemplate what matters most to me and get clear on my vision for my life and what it is I want to create and bring forth. 

One thing I know for sure is that I am in the creation phase of things and this is ever present and evident in the blossoming of my belly. This pregnancy and this little growing baby is by far the best part of this year.  This little baby is a blessing.  Then again,  babies do bring big blessings, so I am feeling fortunate and grateful for such a blessing.  

I would venture to say that things are already looking up despite a few things still in need of changing.  I suppose patience is required at this point.  

I will end this with a link to Anodea Judith's blog.  What she writes on her blog or site sums things up perfectly.  Read it and enjoy.  

Sending Blessings and Best Wishes out to each of you for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

With Love and Hope,


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