Hello! It's been a while...

Well,  I guess it's been a while since my last post.   The month of October is nearly over,  and I am glad.  It's been a hard, awkward month. Then again, come to think of it, it has been a hard year.  I feel like I am just moving over the hard edge into something new, or at least I hope that is the case.

Teaching has been different and, at times, felt strange.  Mostly,  I  am taking things one class at a time.  I have just decided to put the last teacher training and the information from that experience on the back burner.  I feel more like I need to just let myself absorb the information from that training before I try to do anything with it.  I have decided just to show up and teach how I teach. I am trying to teach without my mind getting in the way so much with all the things I am supposed to be doing because, let's face it, that sort of kills the process for me.  I figure what I need from what I have learned recently and over the years will come to me and serve me in the way that I need it to, when I need it to.

In general, at this time,  I feel like I am doing a lot of inner work... some soul searching if you will.  I feel like the focus in my life is shifting, and I am headed in a different direction of sorts.  I am not sure how to make more sense of that statement other than that sentence has less to do with teaching and more to do with my life in general.

I have gotten some clarity on what I need to do to feel better because I have been feeling pretty off and have been hyper sensitive and emotional in general.  I think that a lot of the difficulty of this past month has to do with my feeling depleted on all levels and needing some time to nurture myself more.  I know that when I get worn down and am not centered my mind is not a happy place.  Meaning my thoughts tend toward the negative.  For now, I am just doing what I can to rest and am doing things that help me to recharge.  Also,  I am watching my thoughts so that I can change them before they get out of control.

I guess that about sums things up for now.   It's life as usual, which is a good thing most of the time.  Tonight we will take Liam around the neighborhood to trick or treat and have a little fun.  Liam has decided to be Spiderman this year and has been wearing his costume everyday almost all day since we got it.  His costume already has giant holes in the knees, which I will need to patch up!  I think it's funny and adorable how much he loves his costume.  I am sure he will be wearing his Spidey outfit even after Halloween is over.  

Enjoy dancing in the space between the two worlds on this Halloween Eve.



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