I bought the Real Simple Family magazine issue last night and there is this great section on moments  or things to remember about your children when they are young.  I was sitting on the couch looking at the photographs and reading the shared moments, and I started to feel a little sad.  I think it's because I know how fleeting this time is.  This time when my son is young and running around the house in just his underwear.  I look over at him stretched out on the couch and can't help but be amazed at how much he has grown and so fast.  He still likes to sit and cuddle with me, and we have moments that are just mine and his alone. 

I try to be with each moment so that I will always remember this time, but the truth is no matter how hard I stare at  or breathe in the moment, it will not hold this time still.  It's such a strange and beautiful thing to bring another human being into the world and to watch them grow.  Parenting is no easy thing but it is amazing how it shifts you and makes you look at life so differently.  

And today I am feeling that ache in my heart, that longing for another little person to join our family.  It's funny how the want hits at the strangest time.  All is well and then I feel it.  I know the time will come when we will welcome another little being into our life and it will be wonderful and challenging all at the same time. However,  I still feel the desire and the sadness from time to time.  I suppose the good thing about the longing I feel is that at least know what it is I want.

For now and always, I have my sweet Liam to love and hold and watch with eyes wide open.  I take in each moment and try to store them in some place within me so that I too can remember the beauty of this time we have together now.  And when I feel like things are moving to fast,  I remind myself to breathe.



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