The World Is Conspiring In Your Favor~

I am sitting here this morning slowly waking up and hanging out with my boy.  I have been browsing the web, reading some blogs, simply enjoying what other people desire to offer or share about their life through writing.  I feel inspired and appreciative about my own life and what I have been blessed with so far.  

I was reading about Jenna's journey and the creation of her little yoga studio, JalaBlu.  It got me thinking about my own little studio,  Luminous Lotus, and how that all came to be.  It is an amazing thing to have that flash of insight turn into a vision, a dream that you make real in the world.  It is a single spark that sets things on fire and makes your heart beat faster with the joy of knowing what is next.  

I will say that I have been blessed with really good intuition that I have learned to trust and follow.  I think the beauty of inner knowing is that you always get lead to the most amazing things, places, people.  The point of all this is that in those fleeting moments of clarity it is easy to miss the message if you are not paying full attention. So... Pay Attention!  Be Aware because it matters. 

My flash of insight to open a yoga studio came with an image of a mural on a wall of Lakshmi.  I saw the studio.  After that vision of Lakshmi in a painting on a studio wall came to me,  I had this wave of creative energy wash over me.  Creating that studio, coming up with the name, the logo, the class descriptions and such was all I thought of.  I recall all these ideas and the making of it all being easy even though it required a fair amount of my time and energy.  Then, the most miraculous part was how the seed money came.  I / We, Jason and I, did not have the money to open a studio but a  great loan was offered to us from an unlikely and unsolicited source.  It makes me think of that quote,  "The world is conspiring in your favor."  I love this idea.  In fact,  those words and this idea that the world is for us and not against us makes me smile. 

So anyway,  when I think about this phase of my life when I was so full and pregnant with possibility, both figuratively and literally,  I am amazed and grateful.  In thinking about this time in my life, I am reminded that we all have the power to make positive things happen all the time.  Even when our life takes a turn and points us in a different direction then we think we should be going, have faith in the process.  Hold on to this idea that the world is working in your favor. 

I know from experience that even when it seems like you are going the wrong way or have strayed off the path, life is actually leading you the right way.  Sometimes, though,  it is hard to see what we need and hard to believe we are where we need to be.  I think the moments when it feels wrong or uncomfortable may have a something to do with our own resistance to what is and needs to be right now.

A perfect example of what I am talking about is my move from Colorado Springs, Colorado, to Tucson, Arizona.  Our move to the desert meant I had to let go of the studio.  I wasn't ready to leave or let go.  I was just starting to feel settled.  I was resistant with a capital R.  At the time,  all I could think of was what I was loosing and in no way could see or fathom what I would gain.  

I am in one of the most amazing Anusara Kulas in the world!  Nearly 3 years of living here has allowed me the time I need to appreciate what I have gained.  I am amongst some amazing teachers and am becoming an amazing teacher myself.  You know that saying about when you ride with the best, practice with the best or teach with the best, you rise to that level.  Not only do I believe this to be true, I know it to be true.  

What a lovely and extraordinary realization to have on such an ordinary Friday morning.  

Have a great day and if it is not so far,  make it so!

Ask, Believe, Receive,


Luminous Lotus ~


  1. yay!
    I am so happy to read your post, when I was just feeling similarly thankful and full of gratitude today! : )
    Today has been so nice. The kids played outside in the dirt with the worms and garden, while I made a stock for split pea soup tonight. The weather is beautiful and my family surrounds me. Ah!!! I feel perfectly content right this second.
    It seems like you are enjoying where you are right now too, soak it up! We all know how fleeting these moments can be. I, for one, am breathing in every secoond of my peacefulness... it's been awhile! : )
    Hope you continue to have a super day!


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