The Wall

I hit the wall today, Monday, and am ready to go home. I am not sure if my feeling blue has to do with missing Liam, lack of sleep due to the busy night life just outside our window, a desire to just spend time alone with my husband or simply a need to be around less people in general.
Here's the thing I have discovered about myself, I am easily peopled out. Meaning, always being around people or doing group things makes me crazy in a very short amount of time. In fact, group stuff makes me anxious. I am someone that not only likes time alone but needs time alone. I have experienced very little of that and am at that point where I need to hide away a bit. So I think a little time alone on the beach and a practice by myself is in order and may be just the thing to help me regain my balance. We leave Riccione early tomorrow morning, so I need to make the most of my time in Riccione. We will spend most of Tuesday in Bologna. We hop on the plane to head home on Wednesday morning and am really looking forward to being home and to sleeping in my bed. I remember a woman once told me that even a wish to sit on the beach and do nothing all day would get old after while. I think she was right. Of course, I have not lounged on the beach really at all. I have walked on the beach, practiced on the beach and walked to the center of town everyday and think I have seen what there is to see. The center of town is lovely but the truth is I am not much of a shopper, and I have no shopping stamina whatsoever. Since, we, Colin, Elann, Jason and I, were all feeling the need to do something different, we took a drive along the coast toward the cliffs. It was a pretty drive with gorgeous, green trees shading the winding road. The rolling green hills of the countryside are picturesque for sure. Anyway, we all sat and had a drink outside and stared out at the sea. It was peaceful sitting there drinking tea, starring at the sea and listening to the birds sing. After a rough start to the day, I appreciated the slow quiet of the afternoon. I suppose I should scoot along outside to watch the sunset and enjoy being near the water for the last day. Marcia


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