The last week~

This morning I am sitting with the doors open taking in the fresh air. The sun's light is filling the house and the scent of lilies is wafting about. I love mornings like this when I can just sit with Liam and just listen to the birds sing their joy to the world.
I am feeling better since my last entry. I feel like things are a little easier and communication is clearer since Mercury has gone direct. Surprisingly, I have really felt the effects of Mercury Retrograde this go around. I suppose that may be because this backwards flow of Mercury has been in the communication realm of my sign, Pisces. I am happy Mercury is moving forward again and that my life seems to be doing the same.
Jason and I had a couple of days on our own since Liam went to spend the night with Jason's parents (a.k.a. Grandmum and Granddad). Liam spent the night with them and his cousin Jenna Friday night and Saturday night. His being away gave Jason and I chance to get some much needed rest and some time together. We even attended the birthday party practice for Christina.
The practice with Christina was a good time for sure. We did a lot of back bends, listened to some great music, and it was just such a super group of people, an incredibly strong group of Yogis. It was so nice to be able to practice along side Jason.
During practice that night, I had a sweet breakthrough. I finally got over my fear of dropping back into full wheel and coming back up. I did 4 dropbacks with help and then did 4 on my own for a total of 8. That is the most dropbacks I have done at one time. We did a ton of wheels , Urdhva Dhanurasana, before even moving on to dropbacks so it was a heart opening experience to say the least. ;)
I will say I did notice that after finally doing those drop backs I felt a shift. I left that practice with a feeling of empowerment and elation and that has stayed with me for most of the week.
However, yesterday, I woke with my back feeling out of whack. I am not sure what I did. I don't know if I picked up Liam wrong or if it was due to the radical expansion of my practice a few nights ago. I felt sore for the next couple of days following all the deep backbends but nothing alarming so am thinking poor lifting may be the culprit of my aching back. Either way, my sacrum was locked up, so I had some acupuncture, massage, cranial work and bone setting done by my healer friend, Dan. That session was exactly what I needed. I discovered that I need body work done way more often because I rarely ever have body work done. In fact, that is probably on the second or third time I have been worked on in over 3 years.
I am still a little stiff and sore in my low back so will take it easy today. I teach later but am hoping that I will feel better by then and that teaching is a breeze. Off I go to enjoy the day.
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  1. ive had some body work done and i love it. it's a great complement to yoga practice. congrats on the dropbacks. i bet the birthday practice was fun. someday ill learn about astrology so it makes more sense to me.

  2. Congrats on your dropbacks! I have such a fear of them. I like the diagram at the beginning of your entry. The class, as is Christina, was truly inspiring. I caught a glimpse of your excitement as you ran to Christina to tell her of your accomplishment. It was a beautiful sight to see.


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