Mermaid in Waiting~

In about a month, Jason and I will be off and on our way to Riccione, Italy, which is a seaside resort town in Northern, Italy. This will be our first trip away together without Liam. This is a big trip for us. A whole week without our son will be strange for sure.
The good and comforting news is that Liam will spend the week with my Mom and Dad (a.k.a. J-Jah and Papa) and a few days with my sister, who will be flying in from Denver. My Dad is taking the week off and my sister is coming into to town to spend some time with Liam, Mom and Dad while we are away. We, Jason and I, are so fortunate to have such support. Knowing that Liam will be having fun with Papa and J-jah and Auntie G puts my mind at ease and will allow me to enjoy myself and this opportunity to travel to Italy to be near the Adriatic Sea.
This is the first trip Jason and I have taken alone together since our honeymoon to Zihuatanejo, Mexico, in 2005. As it turns out, we will be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary while we are in Italy, and, well, we just celebrated 10 years together this month. The timing is perfect. The opportunity to stay for free in a beautiful place and have the food provided made this impossible to pass up. I think this will be good for us and our relationship especially since things have been so busy and tough the last month.
I think the things I am most looking forward to on this trip are being near the sea, sleep and time with Jason, as it seems all three hard to come by. For one, I live in the desert so the sea is a dream. And, well, sleep and time alone with your partner are a luxury when you have a 3 year old. I will miss my little Lark Liam but know he will be enjoying his own adventure. :-)
I get the feeling that this trip and experience will be a magical one, and magic is what I am after.
Dreaming of the Sea,


  1. Enjoy your time away and your time together.

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  3. soooo exciting Marcia!
    I know that it will be hard, but this is such an amazing thing that just the two of you will be off on an adventure together!
    I hope you cherish and enjoy every minute of it!! : )


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