Back Again

It's official, it is the last week of this year and all feels good. Yes, I am feeling much better and am glad things are on the up swing. Liam is finally feeling better and is nearly over his cold as of yesterday. We are all getting more sleep and feeling more like ourselves.
This last week has been good. A lot of time spent with my family and some time spent with Jason's family. Christmas was pretty laid back. We did not go crazy and enjoyed the process of finding, buying, wrapping and giving of gifts. I think Christmas day Rocked. Liam was happy and think he really enjoyed himself.
My sister leaves for Denver tomorrow. During her visit this time, we managed to get in two long walks together and spend some quality time with each other. This was a good visit. Tonight, Liam is having a sleepover with his Jay-ja, Papa and Auntie G. Jason and I get a night to ourselves and a full night's sleep, which is a treat for us.
So back to it...
I will spend this week looking over the past year to appreciate all of my accomplishments both big and small and look to see if I held to my intention for this year. What have I managed to manifest this year. What were some of the most memorable moments of this past year. It is a good time to hit rewind and have a look back. I think taking the time to appreciate and acknowledge the good stuff will help me to get clear on what sort of intention I would like to set for the year to come. I want to be clear. I want to be focused. I want to be determined. Yet, I want to be open to whatever comes my way 'cause I don't always know what's coming next.
I suppose this is all for now. No big plans other than to enjoy this last week. Hope it's a good week for all.
Until next time,


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