The Beaty of the Birds and the Gift of Nature

It has been three weeks since my last entry, which is hard to believe.   Things have been busy in a good way with little trips away to enjoy the beauty of the world.
On May 22, Jason and I spent the night in Medera Canyon in a little A-frame cabin in celebration of our 4Th wedding anniversary.  We went without our little sweetheart, Liam.  
We got there late in the afternoon so had the chance to sit and watch the birds.  It was such a treat to just sit there in the woods watching the birds flit about and to hear them chatter amongst themselves.  Hanging next to our tiny little porch was a hummingbird feeder encased in wire for the hummingbirds to perch.  Since this feeder was so close, within in reach, we were able to see the hummingbirds up close.  They are such lovely creatures with there vibrant, varied colors and tiny features.  These little birds would dart in towards the feeder, check us out, decide it was safe and would dine on the nectar, and sit still on the perch.  In those moments of stillness and observation on the porch, I understood the importance of taking the time to be in nature to tap into the rhythm of the world.  It is so easy to disconnect from the beauty of the natural world and get caught up with the routines of life.  It is important to unplug the phone, the computer, the T.V.  and sit and listen to the sounds and songs of nature.  
That evening as Jason and I sat on the porch watching the birds move from one feeder to the next, along came 5 wild turkeys.  The male turkeys were quite a sight.  The first male we saw was puffed up and out there strutting his stuff while the ladies were out digging up dinner.   The turkeys made us chuckle especially the showy males.  Jason joked that the males are always waiting on the females.  I agreed but told him that this is because the ladies are always busy! We laughed and went in to make dinner.  
The next morning, Jason and I went for a hike in the woods.  While hiking I realized how much I miss hiking in the woods and being surrounded by trees.  I had forgotten how different the woods smell and feel since moving to the desert.  I used to hike forest trails on a daily basis.  Now, I mostly walk in the neighborhood, which is good but different.  There is a sense of peace I find even when strolling through my neighborhood, but I do miss the trees.  I am grateful that the land of the trees is a short drive away.
Since our return from Medera Canyon and our evening with the birds, we have bought a birdseed and hummingbird feeder.  The word is already out.  We now have an assortment of colorful, chatty birds visiting us regularly.  I love the company of our new friends and make it a point to sit outside everyday to watch the birds.  For me, getting out in nature helps me feel more connected and at ease in all ways.  
I will close with a quote by Mary Oliver that is a perfect reminder to stop and look at the world around us,  get out for a walk in the desert, step outside to look at the stars, watch the sun rise and listen to the bird's song in the morning.  I think moments like these remind us that each day is a miracle and that times of silence are sacred and necessary for a happy soul.  
"Have I walked long enough where the sea breaks raspingly all day and all night upon the pale sand?  Have I admired sufficiently the little hurricane of the hummingbird?  The heavy thumb of the blackberry?  The falling star?" 


  1. Great post Marcia!

    I absolutely *ADORE* hummingbirds!!

    I'll post my Bass composition video to honour our lil fast metabolism friends!



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