A New Understanding... Another Opening.

March 6, 2009~
Today marked the conclusion of the teacher's intensive with John and he brought it full circle.  We reviewed what we went over.  We practiced and rejoiced in the opportunity to embody the principles and this experience in each asana.  John inspired us to express our individual beauty and essence in each pose fully but evenly.   In savasana, we were serenaded by Bronwin, which was a treat and has always led me to the sweetest and deepest of savasanas.  She has a way of carrying you away with her voice to some place familiar and beautiful.  John's closing was golden and touched us all at the core.  
I'd say the whole experience was...  What is the word?  I'm not sure I can explain this with just a word.  All I know is I feel different.  In combination with the immersions and now this training, I know I have been lifted to higher ground and feel that my inner landscape has changed. I am in new territory but not lost.  As I take in the view and engage my senses, I feel ready to explore this place I recognize but still need to get to know. I know that the lessons, the practice, the words and the meaning behind it all will continue to work on me and create even more openings and change as each day unfolds.  That thought both comforts and excites me.  
I am filled with gratitude for being able to attend and participate in the immersions and this teacher training.  I have learned something from every person I worked with and I consider that a blessing.  I am thankful for all my teachers and for their willingness to pass on what they have learned so that I too may be a better teacher and pass it on and pull others onto the path.   The more, the merrier the Merry Band will be!


  1. And a very merry band indeed! Marcia, you write so beautifully, thank you for bringing me with you to your experience, your shri emanates off of the screen!!

    Much love and light,
    Josie :)


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