Life in Flagstaff~

Life in Flagstaff...

Life here among the pines has begun to settle and shift little by little.  The first 3 to 4 weeks were rough and totally uncomfortable, but things have settled down a lot.  I guess things started to shift when I realized that I was resisting, even regretting, my choice to move here.  I was in such a state of shock and fear and discomfort.  

Anyway, one evening while visiting the mystic mamma website (,  I was reading about the theme for July 2014 by Lena Stevens ( and there was a line in there that struck me.

" follow the unfolding and be in wonder at the intelligence of spirit."

As I read those words I realized I was not following the unfolding of my life and that I was not choosing my choice.  Wha!  In that moment I realized that I needed to do a few things: One, I needed to let go and trust the way my life was unfolding before me. Two, I needed to let go of trying to make my new life comfortable and familiar.  And three,  I needed to make an effort to choose the choice that I chose.  And what do you know,  everything began to shift.  Man!  I astound myself with my ability to make things harder than they need to be.  Lesson learned... for now and hopefully longer!

Anyway,  since this lesson came to me,  I have been waking each day with the resolve to be here and to keep plugging away at what needs to be done.  And, little by little, the house is feeling more like home and we are settling into our new community.  It's really a relief.  

As July rolled around,  I started teaching two classes a week at The Yoga Experience here in town.  I am teaching a noon-time Flow class and it's been so fun and different to teach in this way. I taught my 6th class today, so it's all still new. I am happy to share that I am learning peoples names and getting to know them as they continue to show up each week.  Everyone has been really receptive and open and kind, and I could not be more grateful about that.  In due time, it'll feel like old friends getting together to practice,  or, at least,  I hope it will.

The kids are doing well and are enjoying some swim lessons before the summer comes to a close.  It's hard to believe that summer break is over August 6 and school begins for Liam on August 7!  Where has the summer gone?! The kids are doing great and they are masters at following the unfolding beauty of the day and of life, so they show me the way all the time.  

As for the weather and cooler temperatures up here in Northern Arizona,  my body and spirit could not be happier about both.  The weather has been perfect in my opinion, with highs in the 80s and lows in the 50s and 60s, and monsoon rain to top it off.  I am in love with the sweet smell of the Ponderosa pine trees,  the beautiful crisp white of the Aspen groves, and in awe of how tall trees appear to me after living in the desert for nearly 7 years.  These are some of the sweetest things about this area and, to me,  it is beautiful here.  As I walk through the woods and stare through and into the trees,  I experience such a feeling of peace.  My heart feels peaceful when I am among the trees and even my eyes feel soft and peaceful.  I don't really know how else to describe that other than I see peace and I feel peace.  

We still miss J-Jah and Papa and their company and seeing them so very often. Honestly though,  I think I will always wish we lived in the same town, in the same neighborhood, on the same side of the street.  And, the truth be told,  I still miss my YO family and friends.  I think this is a good thing though because it shows how much love I hold in my heart for my family and friends in the Tucson community.  I am left with this feeling of knowing that I am blessed to know so many good people and blessed to feel such love for others. 

In due time,  our circle of family and friends will grow and our new normal will emerge.  For now, it's simply about establishing a foundation so that we can set some roots down and give our life here in Flag some time to establish itself.  All is well.  

Love and Blessings,


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