I Write~

I Write~

I write my heart out
to know,
to clear the clutter,
to be bare 
and honest
and real about the way I feel.

I write my heart out 
so that I can find my way forward
and through.

I don't care anymore
 if it is proper 
or clear
to anyone but me.

I don't write for another person's approval
or fancy.
I write for my own delight.

I write to free myself 
from fear
or judgement
or feeling confined and confused.

I write to think.

And even as my hand drags this pen across the page,
I write for stillness,
to make space on the inside
to dream,
to understand,
to realign my insides.

And in the movement,
there is a space of quiet,
a moment to slow things down.
 A moment to slow the ticking of the clock down,
to hold this time and this place
for a moment longer. 

I write my heart out because it works.
And I am never more honest than when I come to the page.

And though I mostly work with black ink
and a white page,
there is color and texture,
light and shadow
richness and radical edges
that brings this art together,
and sews me back together.

And, truly, this is all that I am after:


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