End of the Year Catch Up~

Wow!  I just looked at the date of my last entry and it's been nearly 2 months since I last wrote anything.  It's been a busy time to say the least.  I am sure this is the case for most.  I don't know what it is about the last 3 months of the year, but I swear time speeds up.    

Since my last entry,  I took a trip out to Asheville, North Carolina, with Lila just because I could and needed a little get away.  Lila did great on the trip and was pretty adaptable.  Asheville, North Carolina, is a great town and so different from all that surrounds it.  It has a young, thriving community, it is lively and has a great vibe.  I loved all the street musicians there and all of the unique, beautifully created stores.  All in all, it was a great time especially since I got to spend time with one of my favorite people, Tammy.  And we spent some time with some other dear friends of ours and their two children.  We were welcomed and well cared for.  Thank you Asheville for your hospitality and a great memory. 

Since being home, things are much the same as they usually are.  Jason has been bogged down with work and way too many camps.  We have made it through this phase of camps and will have a little break until the new year when things start up again.  So, I guess there will be a two week break before the madness begins again.  

Liam got pretty sick this last month with pneumonia and is just now starting to feel better. He is enjoying school, minus the homework of course.  I suppose I can't blame him. Liam is participating in an after school program for gifted kids.  It's really just more time to learn other things that he is ready for.  He has made lots of friends and often spends his recess time chasing the girls or letting them chase him. ; )   

Lila is growing and changing daily.  She is quite the climber and we find her on things she should not be on all the time.   They say there is at least one climber in the family.  Lila is it for sure.  She is strong and persistent and learns quickly. Her hair has grown past her shoulders, her eyes are as blue as ever and she is a very clever, sweet little thing.  She has several new words and is so good at communicating her needs.  

I am still teaching my three public classes at Yoga Oasis and have been teaching a chair yoga class twice a month.  Teaching is going well.  I am still in that middle place working things out for myself and learning the art of trusting what comes to me.  I do want to do some sort of training and workshops in the coming year.  I need some inspiration and a little time devoted to learning.  That is one of the main things I will focus on in the coming year as Lila is getting to a place and age where that is more possible.  

I suppose that about catches things up.  It really is hard to believe that Christmas is 11 days away.  The end of the year is here.  I will take some time, as I usually do, to reflect over the past year so that I can begin the new year, clear, open and ready.  

Here are a few recent pictures.  Enjoy!  More to come soon! 

                                          Tammy, Lila and me in Asheville, NC.
                                                   Liam's first  play.  He was great!


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