Over the Moon~

Yes, it's true that I am over the moon with joy.  My intuition was validated yesterday at the fetal echo ultrasound when Jason and I found out that our little baby is a girl and she's healthy.  I have felt that this baby I'm carrying is a little girl since the start. I think she is speaking to me and sharing a lot about herself with me already.  I think of her, and I think of birds and lightheartedness and joy.  She must be a happy soul.

Mostly,  I am deeply grateful for this gift and experience.  I am excited to meet this little person, to see her and hold her.   I am in no rush, though, because I am so enjoying being pregnant.  I want to embrace every moment of this experience because this will be my last pregnancy and it is a miraculous and wonderful event.

It really feels to me that things in life have shifted for us,  for me and my family that is.  It feels like things have gone from really intense and difficult to light and easy.  I feel that this all happened following the last push of the eviction process of our tenant.  As difficult as that week in Colorado was,  it was also oddly empowering for me.  I felt that I was able to really get creative about and with the situation and make things happen on my own.  The best part is that I felt I had it within me to change the situation regardless of whether or not I had help from the courts or the deputy.

My creativity showed up in new and interesting ways.  Even though thing were moving slowly with the courts and the tenant had completely given up on moving and was doing nothing to help the situation,  I did not feel like that was all that could be done.  After sitting with things and looking over every angle of the situation,  I decided I could do more, so I did.  I called the tenant's list of contacts, the VA Vet hospital, lawyers, and reached out to friends.  People came through.  Friends of the renter came forward and we finished packing up what was left at the house and moved it all out.  As Claudia,  the renter's friend, said it best,  we each made a friend in each other in the process.

As the townhouse got cleared out,  I felt an amazing sense of relief and lightness.  It felt like a block in the road had been removed, and I could see the way forward.  My determination, creativity and vision  paid off big because I left the Springs with all that I had hoped to accomplish, accomplished: the townhouse was vacated, new locks were put on the doors,  new carpet and a refrigerator were picked out, I found and chose a great property management company,  and I ceremoniously cleared and blessed our little house to create space for new possibilities to arise.  I left feeling good about my efforts.  I left knowing that what is to come will be far better than what was before.

So here I am home again and am so grateful to be here.  It never ceases to amazing me how the difficult moments always teach you the most and create the greatest growth.  As I have made my way through the tough stuff, I am now able to enjoy the sweet stuff.  I feel free of the earthly heaviness and am now able to  leap over the moon with joy.  I embrace the light of the stars, the spacious feeling in my heart and the beauty of my life as it is at this time.  I have earned this ease.  I have earned this joy.  Let's celebrate!

Grateful Always,



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