Been a while...

Wow, I cannot believe how the days pass by.  All is well here.  My family is doing well and I am doing well.  My classes and teaching are going well and have been keeping busy.  I have even subbed a bit the past couple weeks.  In fact,  I feel tired from all the business.

Liam's birthday is in less than a week, and I think he is excited about his special day.  He has asked for a tortoise for his birthday, so I have been researching tortoises to figure out which one would be best for us as a family.  There are several species of tortoises and they can vary quite a bit in size. .  Tortoises have long lives and can grow to be quite large.  For example, the Sulcatas, African Tortoise, can grow to weigh up to 120 pounds and can live to be 100 years or more!  Amazing.  After researching things,  I think the best, most suitable tortoise for us would be the Herman tortoise.  We want to get a baby so Liam can watch it grow.  I am really excited about this myself.  I can hardly wait to see his joy as he receives this sweet birthday surprise.

It's funny because when we were at his cardiologist visit he was telling his doctor that he was getting a tortoise for his birthday.   So I've got to make this happen. Besides, it's gonna be great to give him this gift!

Speaking of Liam's cardiologist visit,  he had a great check up.  His heart looks great and there is no need for precautions or further surgical procedures at this time.  In fact, we got the okay from the doctor for Liam to play soccer.  Hooray!  I am just grateful he is doing so well.   I hope this trend continues throughout his whole life.

Okay, so there isn't much else to tell.  Let's see,  I am attending the second teacher training next week and am looking forward to that.  I think it will be good for me and will help me to refine and improve my teaching.  All in all,  I have been feeling pretty good about things.  My classes are going well, and I feel fortunate that my classes are consistently well attended.  In some ways,  I feel that I have had a shift of some sorts and have taken a step forward and up in my teaching.  I think that I have grown a lot here in Tucson with the help of my students and teachers.  Of course, there is endless learning and growing to do as far as this all goes.  It's a good thing I've got my whole life to learn and will get better as I go.  I love that there is always more to learn.

Off I go to enjoy the day and to go visit some tortoises.  Maybe tonight I won't dream about buying tortoises because I will actually have one...  I will be sure to post a picture of Liam and our newest family member.

Steady and Slow wins the race...

Have a mellow day,


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