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I just read John Friend's response to the NYT article, and I feel a deep sense of appreciation.  I feel so incredibly grateful to be on this path, to be learning, growing, teaching, giving and receiving, and thriving in this yoga life.

If I am honest, which I am,  I have definitely had moments of doubt on my way down this road.  The doubt has presented itself mostly toward myself and my ability as a teacher and never with the art of the practice or with Anusara itself.  Anyway,  after reading JF's response,  I felt compelled to leave a note of thanks.  Really,  I am struck by how moved I felt after reading the response by John.  It makes it clear to me how much this all means to me and how much I love teaching, the practice, the people.  I feel so fortunate. 

If you have not read the John's blog, here is the link:
 Read and enjoy.  

Here is the comment that I felt moved to leave: 
Dear John,

I offer my heartfelt thanks to you for all you are and all you do.  I was introduced to Anusara in 2001 and have been on this path since.  I know from my own experience what a profound impact you and all of my wonderful teachers have had on my life. The best part is that it keeps getting better.  

I have been teaching for 6 years and everyday grants me the opportunity to share the joy of this practice with others.  I see people walk out of  my class different.  The students can walk in riddled with fear and worry,  with heaviness in their hearts, with a dullness in their eyes and they wake up from Savasana and walk out the exact opposite. It is such a magnificent and mysterious shift to witness and be a part of.  I always feel so happy and honored to do what do,  to teach. 

Of course, I feel immensely grateful to all of my teachers who have shown me the way.  I give thanks for the reminder and for the freedom to choose to follow my own heart not just on my mat, or seated at the front of the class, but everyday.  

Truly, I am so moved by You, the method, and the message of Anusara that it brings me to tears as I write.  Well,  I guess I know how much it means to me.  And for that overflowing feeling inside,  I give thanks.  

Many Blessings to You and the Merry Band,
Marcia Tullous
(Tucson, AZ)


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