Not long ago,  I had my basics class recorded.  Yes,  I have a dvd of me teaching an hour-and-a-half Basics class.  And, yes, I have watched it.  This is progress. Hooray for a step forward toward what I want.  :-)

Okay, so the first time I watched the dvd it was just weird.  In fact,  I had a little conversation with myself before I watched the recording about how I was going to try to just see it as the observer.  I wanted to try to view the class from a more objective place so that I could watch the dvd with kinder eyes.  I think that little talk with myself helped.  That being said, it was still a bit awkward.

How this all came about was: 1) through an offer from a Kula member to record it for me,  and 2)  I simply came to the conclusion that it was time to start getting myself ready to actually approach the certification process.  This exercise of recording myself teaching a public class is an exercise in getting comfortable with being myself while teaching with the camera on.  I want to be able to just teach as I teach without worrying who is going to view it.

The point of all this is that I have found that what I thought would be an incredibly uncomfortable experience has turned out to be quite a valuable learning opportunity.  Not only do I get to see me as the "teacher"versus just saying I teach, but I also get to see what my strengths and weaknesses are by seeing the class as it is.

Really, it's the best opportunity to see yourself as you are not as you think you are. For me it feels like seeing myself teach makes this part of my life all the more real. It's almost like I have this new vision of myself to work with even though I have been working with this for a while now.  It just changes things a bit and feels sort of new.

WOW!  I think I like it!  I am surprised because I don't really even like to have my picture taken because I think the pictures are usually pretty bad. I suppose another benefit of the video is that this may just help me to be less critical of myself and more loving.  Fancy that!

So another plus in this video adventure is that I have found a friend, someone with whom I can share this with.  A friend and fellow teacher in this Tucson Kula has recently recorded a class too.  We swapped videos and watched each other in action!  After watching my colleague's video, I got inspired to watch mine again and was glad I did.  It was definitely easier to watch the second time around.  I was able to view it the second time from a softer more supportive place, which was hard for me to do the first time.  I found that slight shift really intriguing.  ;)

In short, I am really glad my friend was willing to share her video with me and am so glad we are helping each other along.  I would say that this is a great start to the Anusara-certification process for which I am not fully ready for yet.  But let it be known,  I am making my way there!

Conclusion: I highly recommend recording yourself teaching and watching it!

Okay, so that's all for now.  I am feeling hopeful and encouraged, which is always good.

Until next  time,



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