It's been nearly two weeks since my last entry. All is well. My body is changing little by little. No actual bump yet but some shape shifting going on in the middle. I busted out the maternity clothes and am glad I did. I can still fit my regular jeans but, after putting on a pair of maternity jeans, can feel the difference and appreciate the freedom a flexible band gives.
I am feeling pretty good and am really looking forward to my first visit with the midwife next Wednesday, March 10. It's amazing to me how slow time seems to go when I want to be at a certain place in the future. Working to enjoy each moment as it comes but can't help but anticipate this first visit. Not sure why it matters to get the 'official' word from the midwife since I feel the changes but it does.
In the meantime, I have been doing a lot of reading, required reading for my Anusara certification. It has taken me a while but am now ready and am enjoying this phase of the process and of learning. I have a friend who has decided to join me in the reading and we will share our thoughts over what we are reading. I think this will be immensely helpful to us both in understanding and integrating the material. On the side, I am also reading "Wheels of Light" and am loving this book. I just dug out a bunch of books that have been hiding in plastic bins in the garage since we moved here. It was like finding buried treasures. ;-)
Other than some growing, reading, teaching and living, not much else going on. Although, as I write that, it seems plenty is going on. So I guess that catches up for now. Life is good. Hope the same is true for the rest of you.


  1. : )
    Good to hear that you are doing well! The beginning of my pregnancy really seemed to CRAWL but then things just got faster and faster!
    I wanted to remind you to take a picture every week of your body. I didn't do it in the beginning of this pregancy, but from about 15 weeks and I wish I had done it every week. I always intended to do it, but this is the first time I have actually remembered to and it is amazing to go through the pictures now, nearing the end of this journey, and watch my body blossom! : )
    Continue to enjoy your path! Thinking of you and your family! : )


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