One Year In

It was one year ago today that I began this blog per the suggestion of a friend. It was suggested to me as a way for me to put myself out there and I think, in many ways, to start revealing a side of myself I often keep hidden.
I had never read a blog much less written one. I started fresh and new with no knowledge on how to blog or what to blog about, so my approach was just to write what was on my mind and in my heart and allow it all to unfold. I don't write as many entries as I thought I might but feel good about what I do share. Mostly, I feel that this is a great way to understand what is swirling around on the inside, direct things a bit and get some clarity in the process.
The best part of this whole blog adventure is that now I read several blogs on a regular basis and have found that I love the blog world. I enjoy reading friend's blogs and non-friend's blogs alike. I often find myself inspired by the words and experiences of others and that is always a gift.
So to my friend, Mr. Andrew Wojecki, I thank you for your suggestion, encouragement and introduction to this lovely new world. Here is my first entry from one year ago.
Enjoy and Get Blogging,

New to this...

Here it is, February 20, 2009, and I am just now getting my first blog created. Where to begin...
I just completed Phase 3 of the Anusara immersion with Darren Rhodes and Christina Sell and it was an amazing experience. It's funny because I wasn't sure I would attend because I also want to attend the teacher's intensive with John Friend the first week of March. I was having trouble seeing how it might be possible for me to do both. All I can say is, I am so glad I showed up and participated because I learned so much over these last 6 days. We worked so hard but in a way that felt good. I am struck by the way in which such deep work in and on the body moves us deeper into our selves, into our heart. When we are focused on our outer experience in the moment and then feeling our way inside our bodies there is this deep and surprising work that is going on at the cellular and spiritual level that we aren't even aware of until it hits us in the heart.
It was a special group that joined me on this particular adventure. Everyone was so willing to be bare and honest, vulnerable and real, supportive and strong. I am so glad they were in the boat with me on this ride into the depths of the ocean of my heart.
As I absorb the lessons and let everything settle, I realize how fortunate I am to feel supported and lifted to higher place within. I realize how grateful I am to feel and know that I am part of something bigger, part of something profound, mysterious and magical . There is no going back when moving forward on this journey. I feel hopeful and excited about what I will pass on and how my life will continue to change because of all the work I have done and all the layers I am lifting away to reveal the sweetest, purest part of my Self!


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