Love. Yes, love is on my mind. Not in the romantic sense of the word but in all that the word encompasses. Love of Self, for others, of life, love that leads to understanding, love that leads to compassion, and love in the deepest, divine sense.
Here is why LOVE is on my mind. A week or so ago I was having a rough go of things and feeling pretty low, tired, worn out, and a bit blue. Well, I shared that feeling as my post on Facebook one evening. I was surprised by the comments and grateful for the suggestions and love left on my personal page. There was on particular comment that stood out and seemed to jump off the screen, though. The comment read: Love. That was it. Christina, one of my teachers, typed that word for me to read and it definitely rang true. In that moment, I was feeling a lack of love, a lack of love for myself and certain aspects of my life. I read that and marveled at the idea that one word could hold so much meaning and say so much to me in the moment. There is something to be said for simplicity.
I sat with that word and the feelings that came with it. The next day I made some green tea and on the tag there was a quote, "Where there is Love, there is no question." The day after that I made another cup of green tea and on the tag read, "Your greatest strength is love." Then,the weekend of the 16Th and 17Th, I attended a workshop at Yoga Oasis with Bronwin, Darren and Sianna. On the first day of the workshop, Sianna wore a red shirt with the word LOVE embroidered in giant letters across the front. And then, you guessed it, her theme was on Love, the Grace-filled, Graceful form of the word.
It keeps going. Last night I picked 4 Angels, Gods, and Goddesses cards, which is something I often do before I go to sleep along with reading something uplifting. Every single card I picked spoke of Love. The first card drawn was the Angel of Communication. The take home message: "Know that it is an act of Love unto yourself and others to communicate clearly, lovingly, and honestly." Card number two was the Goddess of Compassion. The message for me there was, "love and accept all of who you are as you are, and stop striving for something that is impossible for you to be. Through love, your life magically transforms." Card three, the Goddess of Awakening or the Goddess of Love, which is Venus, is activating your sensuous nature. "This is a wondrous time of exploration, romance, fun and creativity." Finally card number four, the Goddess of Knowledge, is about applying what I already know and trusting my intuition. "When your intentions and motivations are driven by love, the Universe will help you say, do and act in the best interests of all concerned."
Do you think all this is coincidence or synchronicity? Do you think there is a message here for me? My thought on this is that yes, this a message. How can work to understand Love better? How can I love myself and others more and just as I am, and as each person is? I guess I just stay as aware as I can and remember "that at the core of every living thing only love exists."
I will close with this:
I aim to remember to love myself as I am. I aim to appreciate my life and those dear to me more. I aim to share what is in my heart completely and more frequently. I aim to offer love through affectionate means to those close to me. I aim to trust the Love that is within me and all around me. I aim to walk the path before me with faith and meaningfulness.


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