You never know what's waiting around the corner for you... More surprises are yet to come!

Three weeks later and here I am at the computer. It's late and should head to bed. The soon-to -fade full moon has me awake. I love the harvest full moon and all the changes that seem to come in October. I am not sure why that is, it just is. In October is when I observe the season of summer turn into fall: the sky changes, clouds are more plentiful and interesting, the colors in the sunsets change, the air feels cool and fresh, and the wind seems to facilitate the cycle of change, bringing in the new and blowing out the old.
October 15 marks 2 years we, Jason, Liam, and I, have been in our little house in Tucson. This date, which is fast approaching, may be the reason for my feeling the bubbling of beginnings. I sort of get the feeling something new is on the horizon, maybe a shift in my perspective, an unexpected offer of sorts, a letting go of things that no longer serve me, a coming into my own.
I suppose this feeling I have of it being a time of new beginnings could be anything really. It doesn't matter, it's the feeling I appreciate. I love that internal experience of hopefulness and curiosity about what is to come. I love that place of anticipation when I am open to whatever is on the way but making sure to put out their what it is my heart desires.
Maybe celebrating Liam's third birthday also makes me a bit nostalgic. He has changed so much in just one year. Liam is getting so big and can communicate so well. He is still sweet and cuddly, and I want to cherish these moments as long as I can. I suppose his birthday marks more change for us all.
I believe good things happen in the fall.
It is a good time for us all to think about what we truly want and plant the seeds of desire in our hearts. Time to turn over the soil, rest, wait, awake.
In the light of the full moon, all that is possible is visible.
Love La Luna,


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