A Graceful Exchange

Paul Muller Ortega often gives a teaching about the grace in the learning process. He reminds us that while we, as student's, are held in the grace of the teacher, the teacher is held in the grace of the student. 
The above piece is copied from my teacher Christina Sell's blog. As soon as I read her entry for today, I knew I was meant to and it spoke to me on so many levels. In fact, in what was supposed to be a short comment, I came out with what follows. I decided that this was way to long for a comment and seemed perfect for today's entry. Please, read on...
In her blog, Christina spoke of the difference between teaching a yoga class and leading a yoga class. She also spoke of the challenge of really teaching Anusara yoga well and why it takes such a long time to develop this skill and get certified. As teacher's we are really learning the art of connection, observation,inner exploration and expression in all forms. 
I find that really teaching Anusara Yoga well has been and is such a process of learning for me on so many levels. Not only do I have to learn how to translate what I understand of the practice or the pose or the path in a way that is relatable and understandable but I also have to learn to get in that space between the teaching and the experience of the moment and try to feel what the student is feeling. It is such a delicate and precise art. I think for the first time I am really learning to look around the room to see what is going on. I am worrying less about whether I am doing it all in the exact way I think I am supposed to and going more with my intuition on things. I have been teaching for only 5 years and am just now feeling like I am getting the hang of this. I feel that letting go into it, into the moment of teaching, after some thoughtful planning at this point is helpful. Going with the flow so to speak and trusting my own inner guidance helps me to trust my expression of this that flows through me. When I trust what I know at this point and trust the guidance that rises from within, there is such a hit of magic and meaning after the class that I feel shifted and lifted too.
What it comes down to is that my desire to teach Anusara Yoga well and in a way that is honest and authentic, helpful and inspiring is sincere, rich and saturating. It is an odd mix in my heart that creates both a feeling of joy and an ache that is hard to put into words. All I know, is that it is there.
It is true that teaching puts you in two places at once, the seat of the student and the teacher.
I will close with what Christina wrote...
"Anusara Yoga is a commitment between teacher and student to learn and grow together. That is what is so cool and so transformational about it. We climb the mountain together.
Many thanks to all my teachers who have helped me get this far.  I feel blessed to be surrounded by such amazing guides and am so grateful to be on this road with you all.  
Om Namah Shivaya,


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